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Fela Kuti in Detroit

Knitting Factory Records recently posted a whopping 47 Fela Kuti albums to Bandcamp, ranging from his early recordings with the Koola Lobitos group in the 1960s, through three decades of work and multiple band incarnations, including Africa 70 and Egypt 80. While Kuti might be well-known to some, there’s a lot to digest here, so we asked a handful of Fela-loving artists and selectors to pick out some of their favorite tunes and highlights from the massive catalog of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer.

Da Lata


Da Lata describe their sound as Afro-Brazilian-with-a-touch-of-London. They released the Fabiola album last year and are set to release a collection of remixes shortly.

“Growing up in provincial England Fela’s music was hard to come by. The 1981 Black President compilation featuring “Sorrow, Tears and Blood” was the first Fela music I bought, because it had a U.K. release, and it blew my world apart…

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