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  1. As a singer-songwriter who’s grown up in a third culture Nigerian-American life, I greatly appreciate projects like this. I’ve long said that Africans need to use the arts more extensively to convey the diverse and complex stories that have shaped life on the dark continent. I’m elated to see that someone has actually taken up the charge. Best of luck and let me know when the film will be available for screening!!

  2. Bernard Ayo Oniwe

    Siji’s project is a very important one in telling stories of Nigeria’s music heritage to a global world. As a student of postcolonial studies and avid believer in pan-African and African diaspora cause, I think the success of this documentary will bring about a viable source for research and teaching African cultural legacy to a global world that is usually more western in its mix. I can’t wait for this project to get produced and made available!

  3. Impressive!!!!!! This would help celebrate these pioneers and school and motivate the burgeoning new acts coming up to leave their mark and be ORIGINAL(very few original acts left). Also, i hope you get to profile Lagbaja on this project as i believe he’s a living legend

  4. Very well, the project shall go along way in preserving our rich culture.

  5. Ladi

    I sawc Siji at a gig in London early 90s and new this brother had soul.

    I wish you the very best.Is the project still on?

  6. Sijuade

    This is really beautiful what you are doing. Am really glad there a few people in this generation that see the need to nourish our souls with remarkably excellent fusion of music of our native land. These elders should be constantly celebrated and their stories told over and over again to the youth of this country. Perhaps, our radios will be churning sweet tunes like the ones these guys gave our fathers and fathers’ fathers more often
    Music and art is the elixir the of soul and hence can be a vehicle of change. To all those involved in this project, I send you heart- warming smile. Well done!

  7. Layi

    Siji, this is truly a great piece of Nigerian’s history that should never be forgotten. Thank you for rekindling the memories of the motherland. One suggestion ……………you could also document the experience of visiting the various musical clubs in Nigeria…………….like the “Shrine” on Pepple Street or the Hotel Bobby on Ikorodu road. Nice one……………

  8. Mulika

    I really cannot wait to see the end product as I’m already hooked by the short introduction! Music is such an integral part of Nigerian culture so its important that this is documented…..Well done!

  9. Epscopalian journey- all goodwill support o you and the crew. Jah bless!

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