The Film

Shot against the colorful and gritty backdrop of some of Nigeria’s urban cities particularly Lagos and through the clever use of extensive in depth interviews, archival footage and still photographs, Elder’s Corner will take viewers on a musical journey through the country’s turbulent and colorful history. It will chronicle and showcase the lives and work of some of the leading exponents of the various musical movements that spawned Afrobeat, Juju, Apala, Highlife and Fuji music. It will also feature a series of first time collaborative, live music performances between some of the featured icons and musicians from the present generation including the likes of SijiAde Bantuand Keziah Jones among others.

Why Elder’s Corner?

In a country with a rich oral tradition where vital historical information is handed down from generation to generation in the form of poetry, praise songs and music, the critical need to capture and preserve the stories and journeys of these legendary, musical griots cannot be overstated. This was driven home during the early stages of the project when our intensive research efforts yielded very little by way of archival material (aural, visual or otherwise) on any of them.

The ground breaking efforts of these iconic figures helped define the sound of an era and that of the African continent. They collectively influenced a great number of musicians, artists, poets, writers, actors and music lovers the world over and represent the very last of a bygone era.

Elder’s Corner will act as a noteworthy, modern day, oral and visual archival document from which the present and successive generations of music lovers the world over, can benefit and learn from for decades to come. By showcasing the rise to prominence and notable achievements of these icons, we can help to raise awareness about the urgent need to preserve their work and honor their legacies. Additionally, Elder’s Corner will provide a unique way of understanding the history and dynamics of Africa’s most populous nation.